Please note that not all brands of cups have the exact same measurements. 

 We are NOT responsible for Cup Wraps that are applied incorrectly or damaged during application.


Where can I apply these Wraps and Decals?

You can apply to glass cups, tumblers, pens, phone covers, any smooth surface, including wood!


How to Apply

1. Make sure glass is clean from any hand oils. (Do Not use alcohol to clean, our wraps are not alcohol friendly)

2. Peel design film transfer off.

3. Aling the design, and lay design film down. (The adhesive is extremely strong. Once the film touches the glass, you cannot take off)

4. Squeegee the film down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.

5. Rub, and peel clear film off and done!


Care Instructions

ONLY Hand wash. Do not soak in water/alcohol. Do not wipe with harsh chemicals. We DO NOT recommend dishwasher or microwave.